Innovative technology and quality

The patented automated FUE technique, developed, in collaboration with the most skilful international grafters, by the French company, MEDICAMAT, allows the time of the standard operation to be reduced by half with a transection rate of up to 0%.

Performed with the SAFER®/NeoGraft® medical device, this automated hair transplant technique benefits from innovative technological information from more than 20 years of experience, both in the collection of FUE grafts and their implantation.

Graft collection

The very shallow penetration of the scalp under local anaesthesia with a rotating micro punch and a patented suction system enables very rapid and accurate graft extraction, without injury and with a maximum reduced risk of transection.

Graft implantation 

The grafts are quickly and precisely implanted one by one, with no traumatic manipulation, into each of the superficial micro-incisions previously performed under local anaesthetic in the recipient areas of the scalp.

The special features of this technique provide a regrowth rate of nearly 100%.

This technique is suitable for the majority of cases of male and female alopecia, regardless of age.

The benefits of the S.A.F.E.R.®/NeoGraft® technique

  • Simple procedure, minimally invasive and not stressful compared to the surgical strip technique and the manual FUE technique.
  • The operator can focus more on the aesthetic and natural appearance of the graft as they are free from a certain number of technical constraints.
  • Minimised transection risk and optimal regrowth rate
  • Significant reduction in the duration of the intervention
  • Fast and invisible healing
  • Minimised postoperative recoveries
  • Allows multiple interventions with no damage to the donor area
  • Possibility of short "on demand" sessions

A gentle and safe procedure

  • Performed under local anaesthetic
  • No surgical collection of scalp strips, no sutures or staples
  • Minimal bleeding and post-operative risks
  • Ability to perform several consecutive interventions

During the graft reimplantation phase, you will be lying comfortably and can chat with the practitioner, listen to music, read or watch a movie on screen. It is not a stressful operation.


  • Less invasive hair transplant technique: leaves no visible scarring
  • Between 98% and 100% of hair growth rates that will continue for life
  • No disruption or interruption to your socio-professional life

Before transplantation

Transplantation requires that you shave or cut your hair very short in a band on the back of the head (donor area): try to anticipate the length of your hair at this level so the shaved area is well covered by the hair located just above.

After transplantation

Your doctor will also be part of all the pre- and post-operative advice, however note that the morning following the intervention using the S.A.F.E.R.®/NeoGraft® automated technique you can take a shower, go to work and resume all normal activities (apart from sport for a few days, or of course, for a few weeks for some contact sports).

All or part of the transplanted hair may fall out within days of the operation, which is perfectly normal. As the hair only grows about 1 cm per month, like all hair, the aesthetic result may only be truly satisfying after eight or nine months. 

Be patient!